air1 [ er ] noun ***
1. ) uncount the mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth and that we breathe:
Do we really want all these cars polluting the air?
She breathed in the cold air.
I'd like to open the window, I need some air.
Inside the house the air smelled like fresh paint.
a blast/rush/draft/gust of air (=a current of moving air): A blast of cold air swept through the house.
a ) the air the space around things and above the ground:
They threw their hats up into the air.
The baby waved its legs in the air.
birds flying through the air
2. ) singular a feeling or attitude that someone has:
air of: She spoke with her usual air of authority.
a ) the feeling that a place or situation gives you:
The overgrown lawn gave the house a neglected air.
air of: There was an air of gloom about the whole trial.
3. ) airs plural behavior that is not natural and relaxed, by someone who wants to impress people and seem important:
put on airs: My friends are people I trust, and I don't have to put on airs with them.
4. ) count OLD-FASHIONED a piece of music that has a simple tune
be up in the air
if a plan is up in the air, you have not yet decided what will happen:
Our vacation plans are still up in the air.
by air
traveling by or using airplanes:
The flowers are sent all over the country by air.
something is in the air
used for saying that people all have a similar feeling, especially a feeling that something exciting or new is happening:
There was a feeling in the air that it was time for a change.
Spring is in the air.
into/out of thin air
if someone or something disappears into thin air or appears out of thin air, they disappear or appear in a sudden and mysterious way:
When I looked around he seemed to have vanished into thin air.
It just happened, out of thin air.
off the air/off air
not broadcasting on radio or television anymore:
Wait till we're off air (=stopped being broadcast).
After just three episodes the series was taken off the air.
on the air/on air
on radio or television:
The program first went on the air 28 years ago.
He's always prepared to defend his case on air.
take the air OLD-FASHIONED
to go outside for a walk, ride, or drive
take to the air
to begin to fly
walking/floating on air
extremely happy
air 2 [ er ] verb
1. ) transitive to broadcast something on the radio or on television:
Many viewers were shocked when the TV news aired graphic footage of the war.
The show was first aired in 1978.
2. ) transitive to say in public what your opinions or complaints about something are:
In an interview, the singer aired his views on family life.
We hold meetings where residents' problems can be aired.
air your grievances (=complain): Employees should be given the opportunity to air their grievances.
3. ) air or air out intransitive or transitive if you air a place or it airs, you open the doors and windows to let fresh air in
a ) if you air clothes, sheets, etc. or they air, you put them in warm or moving air until they are completely dry and smell clean
,air `out phrasal verb transitive AMERICAN
same as AIR 2 3

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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